Why MCA?

MCA is geared specifically to the collection of municipal debts and fines. The differences are in the details.

1.  Most collection agencies begin each day by working the largest debts first, as these pay the most commission to the agency.  Municipal Debts and Fines tend to be smaller debts (<$1,000 per).  Most agencies will only call these smaller debts when they have exhausted efforts on the more lucrative collections.  We call every debt on a predetermined time schedule based on days since last contacted, regardless of size.  Your municipal debt will never be neglected, as we do not have other non-municipal debts to pursue. 

2.  Statistically, phone calls are exponentially more effective than letters.  Our ability to locate contact phone numbers and addresses for those who do not wish to be found is second to none. 

3.  The best collection process is the one that helps motivate debtors to pay the municipality before it becomes delinquent.  We have real world experience with multiple ordinances to know their effectiveness and can help find the right fit for any municipality. 

4, MCA performs State Intercept (Offset) Programs in multiple states.  These highly effective programs intercept the state income-tax refund from a debtor and forwards it to the municipality as payment for the debt.  

5.  MCA identifies and prepares the paperwork and notices required for the municipality to suspend the license of multiple-violation offenders once they reach the statutory threshold for suspensions, where available.

6. MCA offers our Operation Bootlock Program to immobilize the vehicles of those with multiple outstanding debts. 

7. MCA provides Bankruptcy monitoring and files a Proof of Claim on your behalf to help you recover any available funds.

Experience The MCA Difference